"Providing Quail Farming Information to Kenyans, East Africans, licensing, requirements, quails marketing etc "

Quail are considered as wild birds in Kenya . To rear them, one requires to be licensed by the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS).

One will therefore need to make an application for a Quail farming permit to the Director of the Kenya Wildlife Services (KWS) , through the nearest KWS regional office. Under the new Kenya Wildlife Bill, 2011, the regional office will be located at the County level comprising the County Wildlife Conservation Committee. 

This office will issue you with a form to fill the required details. Once the form has been filled satisfactorily and all the details are in place, the office sends a team of inspectors to your farm to verify the facts as filled in the form and to establish that you meet the requirements for the enterprise. If they are satisfied, the form is forwarded to KWS headquarters in Nairobi for approval by the director. Once approved, a licensing officer, usually a senior warden from the nearest KWS office will issue you with a license to practice Quail farming upon payment of Kshs. 1500. 

The license expires annually and must be renewed.

The KWS will perform periodic monitoring and inspection to ensure that you maintain the farm as required. If you breach of any of their requirements, the KWS will be forced to withdraw their license.